Pay your rent with UnionPay Credit Card with 0% handling fee

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Pay rent with a credit card and
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Serving all residential tenancies in Hong Kong.
*Service will soon be available for commercial tenancies as well.
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Register an account and submit a tenancy agreement to start paying rent with RentSmart, there’s no need to bother your landlord. Rental payment will be automatically deposited in full to the landlord’s account within 5 working days of payment2.
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Service Details

1. Which credit card can I use?
RentSmart accepts all UnionPay credit cards issued by any bank in Hong Kong and Macau.

2. How do I pay rent on RentSmart?
Just download the RentSmart App, create an account and register your identification document and tenancy agreement. Once you have completed these steps, we will verify them within 2 working days. Once verified, you can start paying rent with your credit card!

3. Do I need my landlord’s approval?
You don’t have to bother your landlord or seek approval, but there is no harm in giving your landlord a friendly call after you have used RentSmart for the first time. In any event, we will send your landlord a SMS notice after the rent has been deposited.

4. When shall I pay the rent on RentSmart?
As your payment has to be processed by your bank and issuer, it will take some time for your landlord to receive payment. Generally you should pay your rent on RentSmart 5 working days before the actual due date. Our payment cut-off time is 10:30 p.m. on working days.

5. Do I have to be the tenant to use RentSmart?
You don’t have to personally be the tenant. But if you are not, you are required to declare your relationship with the tenant.

6. Can I use RentSmart to pay rent for any tenancies?
Yes, whether residential or commercial, so long as the tenancy terms are clear, legal and duly stamped.

7. Is there any transaction limit?
The maximum rent you can pay for residential tenancy is HK$300,000. However, your payment limit will be subject to your credit card’s then available credit limit.

8. Is there any charge for paying rent on my credit card?
No. There is no handling fee for paying residential rent with UnionPay credit card.

9. How will my landlord get the rent?
For residential users, your landlord will receive the rent by ACH transfers.
For commercial users (coming soon), you can choose between ACH transfers or cashier order.

10. How many points or rewards can I get?
This depends on the credit card you use, for details please contact your card issuing bank or visit their official website.

By using RentSmart, tenants can now pay with their credit cards, making it more convenient, flexible and rewarding at the same time. A happy paying tenant makes a happy landlord!

After the tenant makes a payment, the funds will be automatically deposited into the landlord’s account within 5 working days, a SMS notification will also be sent to the landlord upon successful deposit of funds.

RentSmart will not charge the landlord for this service. Rest assured that the amount paid by the tenant will be the amount deposited to the landlord. RentSmart also provides innovative rental management services to landlords in Hong Kong, click here to find out more.
1 Subject to terms and conditions of promotion.
2 RentSmart is an independent rental payment platform, all rental payments are made by the tenants or their representatives with their respective credit cards and deposited to the respective landlords within 5 working days of settlement. RentSmart does not represent the tenant or the landlord.